10 Places to See Before They’re Gone [infographic]

July 4, 2013 |  by  |  Environmental, Travel

As I mentioned in my post last Thursday, the status of the world isn’t too great. Along with the depletion of earth’s natural resources, the weather is getting crazy: deadly tornadoes, sweltering heat (I’m talking to you Texas), and freak blizzard hurricanes. Since the world is going through a weird phase right now, who knows how much longer we’ll have some of the world’s natural wonders.

In case you’re inspired to set out to see a few before they disappear, consult today’s infographic for an idea of where to visit. An interesting aspect of today’s infographic is the timer each destination has until its demise. While the future is grim, it gives a pretty good idea of how much time you have, and money you have to save up, in order to plan a trip to your destination.

After looking at today’s infographic, I would like to go to the Congo Basin and Glacier National Park. It will be such a treat to be able to experience Earth’s amazing treasures before they disappear, so go see them while you still can! [via]

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  • Elisabeth De Raeymaecker

    what a great plan to put the galapagos islands first, since its biggest threat is tourism.. Twat.

    • http://www.luxurytoursofindia.us/ Andrew

      hahahaha you are right
      Elisabeth De Raeymaecker

  • Judith Jansen

    I was going to say the same. Why recommend a place that’s disappearing because of tourism as the no.1 place to visit before you die??

  • Judith Jansen

    I mean ‘before it’s gone’ not ‘before you die’

  • james

    What hurricanes? You probably believe the earth is still flat too

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  • PopTheLid

    Global warming doesn’t exist and Obama promised to stop the seas from rising, so fuggedaboudit

  • Ben Franklin

    If you really believed any of this twaddle you wouldn’t be urging people to get on planes.

  • Cyborg3K

    If you want to help the rain forest, pump some more CO2 into the atmosphere. It won’t significantly increase ‘global warming’ – which is a hoax – but the trees will love it.

  • NoPartyanymore

    I can’t believe there are idiots on here saying global warming doesn’t exist. The republican party and people like Rush Limbaugh are the worst thing that has happened in the history of the earth…how’s that possible? Please republican morons, go away.

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  • Lauren@GreenGlobalTravel

    Glacier National Park has less than 10 years?! D: Lets go green quick here people! Or else our parks will be destroyed

  • Benedikt Kowalewski

    The panic about Venice is bullshit – but it’s a nice panic to pull more tourists and make them care about the place they visit.

    The Taj Mahal is one of the biggest economic factors of Agra…why should they close it? Due to protectional issues? I don’t think so.

  • Bass

    What can/should we do!?

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  • Muhammad Aasim Arain

    Very Interesting Info-graphic . Keep it Up !

  • Aurora Tyas

    Gap year round the world by local buses is the best way to both explore the world and cut down on pollution and global warming….. Travel by bus!


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