2011: The Year of Dubstep [infographic]

December 30, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment, Music

So who here is a fan of dubstep? I know you will probably hate me for saying this, but I’m not. Hate on me if you will, but dubstep isn’t my cup o’ tea. I can do techno, I enjoy a good techno, trance, house, hardcore whatever but dubstep’s WUBWUBWUBUWBUWUB is too much.

It seems to be a genre composed of one sound that is determined to outweigh the rest of the piece. I know you and I could have differing opinions on this, and we may have to just leave it at that.

The business side of dubstep is something I can believe in. Skrillex releases some of his work for free on the internet – that gets him brownie points. He also pulls in thousands of dollars when he packs a venue full of people to see a sight seen far too often in Starbucks: A guy with a laptop.

Dubstep may be a fad and be gone within two years, but there will always be those dubheads who WUBWUBWUB far into the future. [Via]

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  • Glennocide

    Srillex isent dubstep, has nothing to to with dub or two step, i like it but you cant define most of the shit as dubstep, for the same reason. nic einfographic tho :)

  • Gennocide

    in fact this should be called the year dubstep was broken!

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