America’s Composition [infographic]

June 23, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle

The United States prides itself on its cultural diversity. I certainly enjoy seeing many different faces and hearing different accents throughout my day.

It’s a little scary that 18,000 people are classified as “unknown.” I wonder if they are secret aliens? This infographic only shows numbers for people entering the country in 2008…so there could be millions of unknown people here by now!

Although today’s infographic may not have much information, I find it very engaging to see all the different backgrounds of people in the United States. It certainly blew my mind how many countries are represented in the United States by such strong numbers. [Via]

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  • Brian Kennemer

    OK so who else is disturbed by the “unknown” category? I dont fine immigration to be that compelling an issue personally, but even I’m a little taken aback by the idea that we let 18K people legally enter this country without knowing where they came from. ;-)

  • Plaid Avenger

    Great, great, great graphic! Clear, succinct, colorfully lively, and packing a great hell-ton of info into a single shout. Fantastic educational resource that I plan putting into the next edition of my textbook or at least mimicking if it is too copy-right protected)

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  • Inezm08

    The South Korean flag is wrong. Correct research, please.

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  • Jose Carvajal Perez

    Great graphic, but most of the countries you mention there are american contries, so it is ilogical to ask who´s coming to America if they where alredy in America because their country is part of America to. The question should be: Who is going to United States?…. America is a continent, not just your country.

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