Austin, TX Sucks [infographic]

January 21, 2014 |  by  |  Business, Government, Travel

As a life-long Austinite, I’ve got reservations talking bad about my town. As a local commuter though, all I have to say are bad things. With 158 people moving to Austin every day, the traffic situation is horrid. Public transportation almost completely relies on busses, taxis and pedicabs. All three congest the roads to a point where Tim Lomax, a traffic planning expert, calls the situation “awful”. In a recent study, Austin has learned that there needs to be a 40% decrease in car trips during rush hour for congestion to cease. This is completely impossible when our city council seems averse to drastic transportational change.

A massive subway system, monorail, and an unorthodox idea of Urban Cable are, in my opinion, the only way to decrease our car trips by the required 40%. In reality, Austin most likely needs a combination of all three transportation systems to succeed in traffic reduction.

I know I’m talking mostly about the sucky traffic of Austin, but it is the only thing that really ruins the city. Compared to when I was a child a 20 minute car rides now take upwards of an hour or more during rush hour. Any smart Austinite knows to not be near IH-35 between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. To have the major national highway unusable for three hours a day really puts our problems in perspective. [Via]

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  • Fortwyck

    Lived all over Texas for 16 years, including Austin for 4. Also lived in San Francisco, L.A., Oakland, and Riverside, CA. Also in Oregon.
    The vast majority of these are about traffic and climate.
    Traffic is bad in every city I’ve lived in.
    The weather is bad everywhere except L.A. and the Bay Area. This writer is just bitching. Austin was the best place I lived in Texas, and I highly recommend that everyone pay a visit some time.
    Seriously, tacos every day? And then you complain about vegans? That’s your own fault, not the city’s. Austin has excellent food. Too much traffic and you complain about cyclists and pedestrians? WTF? Austin was a welcome break from Dallas and Houston. This is a well designed, shitty infograph.
    Also, it’s very welcoming to minorities and all political beliefs. I’ve lived in conservative strongholds (Dallas, Riverside, southern Oregon), and liberal meccas (SF, Oakland), and none are as welcoming as Austin. If you like your guns and freedom, or you like your alternative lifestyles and herbal remedies, you’ll be welcome in ATX.

    • Clown

      Are you familiar with the term satire?

      • fortwyck

        This is not satire, this is bitching. Satire would be complaining about the amount of mom and pop coffee shops that aren’t as good as Starbucks.
        The infographic and the preceding article are completely serious, not satirical. However, if the writer were to live for an extended period of time in any other comparable -sized city, they’d realize that Austin is actually pretty nice. I’m not even an Austinite, and this is just a bitchy, whiny article.

        • itscute

          Satire or not this is meant to be a joke. A sort of joke, mainly just trying to light-heartedly get people to not move to Austin. Trust us, I don’t think that the Daily Infographic would ever post a real Anti-Austin infographic. There is a lot of “Welcome to Austin, Don’t forget to leave” attitudes out there. This Infographic is simply supporting that notion.

    • joeblow1984

      Austin has excellent food. Bullshit. Try Los Tios in Houston vs. Taco Shack in Austin. Tell me which is better. Forget about a decent pizza place in Austin.

      • Jim Phillips

        Hey, Joe, why don’t you go blow yourself.

        • joeblow1984

          Why don’t you. You must like shitty food. Go eat some horse shit. Oh wait you do that already.

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  • jiggabubro

    Austin is simply a fad that will die out as soon as the next greatest place to live comes along much like Raleigh, NC was in the late 90′s into about 2010 was and that’s rapidly died out. History repeats itself as life cycles progress.

    • robert

      Yeah I’ve lived here my whole life but it’s almost unbearable at this point everything’s run down its too expensive to live here, it’s nearly impossible to make a living wage at this point, and it’s just over run by hipsters coming from God knows where can’t wait to get out now

  • David Banner

    It’s all about what you like. I’m not much for the southern country bumpkin states period. Every time I hear of a place where everybody wants to move. I’m like I’m definitely not moving. What happens is the city doesn’t have a true identity and cities like Austin try to hard to be the next big thing.

    Tired of Miami for countless reasons. My next move is AZ. Phoenix is great city plus nobody wants to flock there because of how they are not on that whole “embrace the gay” fad and they are tough on immigration. Neither affects me so it’s perfect.