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City of Anarchy [infographic]

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06/02/2014 • Following the occupation of China by England, a small portion of Hong Kong became an immensely dense (for its shape

Serif vs. Sans [infographic]

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04/13/2014 • A composition written with the intention of sharing an idea to a broad audience should have the immediate focus be

The Best Temperature for Your Home [infographic]

03/18/2014  |  1 Comment

03/18/2014 • How often do you find yourself hanging out with somebody who won’t think twice about keeping their air conditioning blasting

Living with Less [infographic]

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02/27/2014 • 60 years ago, incredible amounts of people in the U.S. were given the opportunity to live in their own house,

Greenest Ways to Get Around [infographic]

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02/19/2014 • Hi all, my name is Dillon. This is my first post for Daily Infographic. I'm currently a senior at Texas