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Doggie Connections [Infographic]

12/20/2013  |  No Comments

12/20/2013 • As Doges have rampaged the internet this year, I thought it appropriate to have an infographic for all the doggies

The 8 Phases of the Moon [infographic]

12/10/2013  |  1 Comment

12/10/2013 • Who doesn't love the mystery and romance of the moon? Earth's closest celestial object has been around for around

A Perspective On Time [Infographic]

12/03/2013  |  1 Comment

12/03/2013 • As we all know, time can be an elusive thing. For instance, when I play the video game Fez

An Abundance of Elements [Infographic]

11/20/2013  |  No Comments

11/20/2013 • It truly boggles the mind just how many factors go into making life possible here on Earth, especially when you

Cars of the Silver Screen [Infographic]

11/17/2013  |  No Comments

11/17/2013 • I love movies with badass cars. As a child I watched the movie The Love Bug probably a billion