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3x Fewer People Using 8x More Water [infographic]

12/30/2012  |  2 Comments

12/30/2012 • For Christmas this year, my great aunt gave the gift of donations to a mission helping those who do not

Party in the Parking Lot [infographic]

12/23/2012  |  No Comments

12/23/2012 • As a 20-year-old, I am not yet aware of the magic that awaits me in parking lots surrounding sports games.

The Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas [infographic]

12/16/2012  |  1 Comment

12/16/2012 • You guys. This. Has. To. Be. The cutest infographic. EVER. Basically just as cute as emphasizing words with periods! And,

Playground to Prison: Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System [infographic]

12/09/2012  |  4 Comments

12/09/2012 • Alright. Time to get serious again. Today’s infographic tells about a topic I have recently been incredibly intrigued by. Juveniles

How to Buy A Used Car? [infographic]

12/02/2012  |  1 Comment

12/02/2012 • Hey there, ho there. I am so happy to say that I might be using this infographic soon. That’s right.