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Buying Habits of the Beauty Shopper [infographic]

07/01/2013  |  No Comments

07/01/2013 • Beauty Product Buyers are nearly twice as likely as the average consumer to be a DIY-enthusiast, 80% more likely to

CONTEST: Enter to Win an Infographic Poster!

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06/18/2013 • For those of you who haven't liked our Facebook Page, we are currently running a sweepstakes to give away

Most Popular Craft Beer By State [infographic]

06/14/2013  |  4 Comments

06/14/2013 • Another craft beer infographic, and I hope you're as excited as me! After looking over the graphic today, I couldn't

2013 NBA Finals [infographic]

06/07/2013  |  No Comments

06/07/2013 • I happen to live in an area of Texas where some of the most enthusiastic Spurs fans exist. In the

Brain Injury Explained [infographic]

05/31/2013  |  No Comments

05/31/2013 • Brain injuries are very common in society. It is a smart idea to keep yourself educated on the subject, as