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Buying a New Car [infographic]

10/05/2012  |  No Comments

10/05/2012 • Buying a car can be a job within itself. With hours of research, days of car hunting at dealerships and

A Storm of Confusion: What People Really Think About Cloud Computing [infographic]

10/03/2012  |  No Comments

10/03/2012 • "What is the cloud?" I hear that question a lot when speaking to my non-nerd friends. I try to explain

College Student Spending Habits [infographic]

10/02/2012  |  No Comments

10/02/2012 • As a college student I know a lot of the spending habits without looking at today's infographic. Discretionary spending is

Healthcare Fraud & Medical Identity Theft [infographic]

09/28/2012  |  2 Comments

09/28/2012 • Have you ever heard of medical identity theft? I had not, but did you know medical identity theft is one

The World of Public Health [infographic]

09/21/2012  |  No Comments

09/21/2012 • I would like to start off today's post with a fact that caught my eye from the infographic: There were