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New Years Resolutions 2015 [infographic]

01/01/2015  |  No Comments

01/01/2015 • Rest in peace 2014, because 2015 is here to stay. Hope everyone is feeling okay today nursing your hangover. Time

Inside The Mind of a Freelancer [infographic]

12/29/2014  |  No Comments

12/29/2014 • Freelancing is a growing occupation in all developed countries right now. Emerging tech companies, online journals, social media marketing and

34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview [infographic]

12/27/2014  |  No Comments

12/27/2014 • With the economy back in full swing, and jobs falling off job land's job trees, dropping jobs like bombs, you

Pregnancy Rates & Age of Consent Across the Globe [infographic]

12/26/2014  |  1 Comment

12/26/2014 • At a quick glance, a lower age of consent for sex seems to correlates somewhat with lower teen pregnancy rates.

How Do You Take Your Whiskey? [infographic]

12/21/2014  |  No Comments

12/21/2014 • Whiskey, the drink of the wild west. The fuel of armed soldiers. The sweet nectar of Tennessee. A god among