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The History of LOLcats [infographic]

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09/09/2010 • We all love lolcats, but do you know how they came about? [Via] Click.

The Rubik’s Cube [infographic]

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09/08/2010 • Over 350 million have been sold world wide and an estimated 1/5 of the world has attempted to solve this

1917 – Bread Rationing [infographic]

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09/07/2010 • Hello everyone. We are making a few small changes here at Daily Infographic. First and foremost, we are going to

20 Pretty Cool Things About Beer [infographic]

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09/03/2010 • Ahh, it is finally Friday.   Forget about school, work, or whatever you do and go out and party. Now

Mining, for Ore and for Oil [infographic]

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09/02/2010 • Recently 33 people have been trapped in a Chilean mine because of a collapse. Officials are saying it will take three to