Bitcoin vs. Gold [infographic]

July 5, 2014 |  by  |  eCommerce

The war has begun. Children are running through the streets unleashing their ear-piercing, banshee cries, while mothers hold their fallen sons and their bloody hands, weeping and calling out to the heavens, “WHY, GOD!? OH GOD, WHY?” Planes are tossed through the sky as guided missiles trace their flight paths. The president is dead, and the vice-president is nowhere to be found.

That was the day the world ended. That was the day bitcoin and gold faced off…

These are hard times, America. We live in an age where currency is becoming less of a tangible object, and more of a technological thought. What do I mean by technological thought? I’m talking about bitcoin, a virtual peer-to-peer currency stored in a digital wallet. It, quite literally, gives gold a run for its money. But how do we get bitcoin?

We all know that in order for us to have gold, it has to be mined. Similarly, bitcoin is created or “mined” by people who process transactions, and secure the network using specialized software. There’s also a cap to how many bitcoins can ever be mined, which is 21,000,000. And we have no clue how much actual gold is in the world.

Bitcoin is on the rise, people. Lock your doors. Stockpile bags of beans and rice in your basements. Take everything made of gold and throw it out on the front lawn. The storm is brewing… The storm is brewing… [Bitcoin vs. Gold]





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  • nederhoed

    Save in gold, save in bitcoins. There is no battle going on on that front.

    Just never hold more dollars then you can spend! ;-)

  • uldics

    Can someone EXPLAIN how bitcoins actually get mined and what secures them their value? Not just jump over with some nonsense, like: “are mined just like gold, blah blah blah”. As I see it – you make your PC do some work, which should produce something valuable for which someone gives you bitcoins. But here nothing actually is produced. Bitcoins are just one side of balance sheet. What is on the other side?