Breaking The Law [infographic]

May 9, 2012 |  by  |  Government

Bear wrestling is illegal in Oklahoma. Did you know that? So is not having a well kept lawn in various parts of Utah. Did you know that? The two aforementioned laws are just a few from a handful of the most outrageous laws from across the globe.

Nine times out of ten, a law is put in place with the general public’s best interest in mind. With that being said, today’s infographic showcases the top laws that make some scratch their heads a little.

Just the story behind the existence of these laws baffle me more than anything. What made masked gatherings banned in New York? Or why does a PC repair man have to have a private investigators license in the state of Texas? We need answers. [Via]


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  • Candace Nicholson

    The law about hybrid cars emitting a noise when traveling at low speeds isn’t ridiculous. It’s for the blind, who often rely on the sound of a car’s engine to determine if it’s at rest or approaching slowly.

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  • noo

    The FL law about doctors not being allowed to ask about guns isn’t ridiculous. The ridiculousness comes from the idea that doctors should be asking their patients if they have guns at home. The fuck does the Dr have to do with guns, and since when are they investigators for police???