Cancer Worldwide [infographic]

April 21, 2012 |  by  |  Health

I just finished participating in my first Relay for Life tonight and it was beautiful. It was so heartbreaking yet so inspiring to see such a large group of people who are so passionate about preventing a disease that stole their loved ones. I heard many stories of hope and sadness from survivors and fighters. I have such respect for those and their families for battling such a tough illness.

Today’s infogrgaphic from the World Health Organization gives an over view of the leading types of cancer around the world and their death rate.  I have been fortunate and am so thankful to have to not have experienced cancer myself or in my family. I will surely follow this infographic’s advice and invest in a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle to prevent cancer. [via]

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  • Mark Rojas

    nice and clean, good visuals

  • Graviola for Cancer

    i love the visual. it really puts it into perspective. 

  • Alanc230

    This isn’t a cute and funny infographic, but it hits the main points and is memorable. I worry now about skin cancer, and get my skin checked every six months, since my 49-year-old brother died of melanoma a year and a half ago. 

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