The Healing Power of Cat Purrs [infographic]

07/21/2013  |  21 Comments

07/21/2013 • Those crazy cat ladies might be onto something. According to today's infographic, our feline friends provide us with more than

You Can Guarantee Your Bed Is Its Bed [infographic]

07/10/2013  |  5 Comments

07/10/2013 • For many, cats are the ideal pet. They can take themselves to the bathroom. There is no hassle like when

Snakebites in Family Pets [infographic]

05/19/2013  |  No Comments

05/19/2013 • Let's be honest, most of us treat our pets more like humans than animals. I've known dogs who have birthday

Annual Cost of Pets [infographic]

02/12/2013  |  6 Comments

02/12/2013 • Oh pets. Man's best friend. Crazy cat lady's only friend. Whatever you prefer (I'm a cat person,

AHHHH DUCKS! [infographic]

01/05/2013  |  No Comments

01/05/2013 • Quack y'all, ducks are crazy! There is no better infographic for a Saturday afternoon than one strictly about ducks. I