Modern Ways to Job Search [infographic]

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01/20/2015 • Are you in the market for a new job? Do you check out career opportunities elsewhere? If you’re thinking about

The True Cost of Comic Sans [infographic]

01/14/2015  |  4 Comments

01/14/2015 • Comic Sans has long been the punching bag of the typography world. It's goofy, childish looking, and has one downfall illuminated in

40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages [infographic]

01/13/2015  |  2 Comments

01/13/2015 • Good logos are hard to come by. Here at Daily Infographic, we have a redesign in the works and are

Older Workers Waste Less Time [infographic]

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01/08/2015 • Time is a precious commodity that everybody uses in their daily life. Time at work should be used for business

Social Media: The Best Time to Outreach [infographic]

01/06/2015  |  2 Comments

01/06/2015 • Whether you're using social media for business or pleasure, certain parts of the day are better for posting, pinning and tweeting