Serif vs. Sans [infographic]

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04/13/2014 • A composition written with the intention of sharing an idea to a broad audience should have the immediate focus be

21 Ways To Say Hello [infographic]

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04/08/2014 • As the world becomes more interconnected through technology and the movement of cultures. Throughout your day you are likely to

The Anatomy of an Outstanding Résumé [infographic]

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04/01/2014 • The importance of résumés has been ingrained in me by my mother for a very long time, and she has

House Stain Remover Guide! [Infographic]

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03/30/2014 • There’s nothing worse than getting a stain on your favorite outfit. Stains can ruin dates, relationships, job opportunities, and lives.

The Student Lifecycle [infographic]

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03/01/2014 • How many other college students remember the painful process of applying to college? I sure do. And I only applied