The Book is Not Dead [infographic]

01/10/2014  |  1 Comment

01/10/2014 • E-books are a great thing, one can take thousands of books with them but without all the weight. But books

Facing 2014 Fearlessly [infographic]

01/06/2014  |  No Comments

01/06/2014 • We all have things that we are irrationally afraid of. For some it's spiders, others it's flying in airplanes, and

Untranslatable Emotions in Languages Other Than English [infographic]

12/25/2013  |  1 Comment

12/25/2013 • Happy Holidays everyone! While the English language features a ginormous amount of words to describe most anything, it sometimes comes up

Getting Ahead in Business with Body Language [infographic]

12/08/2013  |  1 Comment

12/08/2013 • Human interaction and the way we go about presenting ourselves is truly one of the only things in life we

Poetry [infographic]

12/07/2013  |  No Comments

12/07/2013 • Examine, if you will, For a moment at least, The complexity of, A poetry piece.   Sometimes they rhyme, Sometimes they don't, It's not a big deal, Just