The Movie Reboot and Remake Revolution [infographic]

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01/25/2015 • I love movies. And I actually enjoy when movies get remade or rebooted, unlike a lot of people I know. These movies

The Most Popular Horse Racing Event In The World: The Cheltenham Gold Cup [infographic]

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01/23/2015 • Why humanity has enjoyed watching things race around in circles for hundreds of years, I cannot explain. I myself have

Sitcom Cribs: Could Your Favorite TV Characters Actually Afford Their Home? [infographic]

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01/05/2015 • The cost of living has been a big issue in national politics lately; the minimum wage debate rages on. Some

The World’s Most Expensive Movie Props [infographic]

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01/03/2015 • The world of Hollywood has always been a mystery to the masses. The environment movie stars live in tends to

Christmas by the Numbers [infographic]

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12/25/2014 • Christmas - a time for love and laughter, family and friends, food and good times, holiday music and movies, and of