The Success of the Real Housewives [infographic]

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05/22/2014 • The Real Housewives of (insert city here) is a great concept. Many people are interested in the lives of the

The History Of Tranformers [Infographic]

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05/20/2014 • I was basically raised by transformers, but Transformers being older than I am proves I wasn't the first generation brought

Tequila 101 [infographic]

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04/17/2014 • I'm one of the few people that can actually handle tequila. Perhaps its my hispanic background that allows me to¬†consume

The Shapes Of Stories by Vonnegut [infographic]

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04/10/2014 • Leave it to Kurt Vonnegut to point out something that seems like it should have been painfully obvious. I've spent

How To Moonwalk [Infographic]

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03/31/2014 • So first of all, I just found out from my roommate the other night that Michael Jackson would send the