Sundance 2014 [infographic]

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02/15/2014 • Hey guys, remember that movie where the guy actually didn't end up getting the girl? 500 Days of Summer? That

Oscar History By Numbers [infographic]

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02/12/2014 • My cinematic palate isn’t particularly sophisticated. I’m a big comedy fan myself and the majority of movies I see in

Fantasy Novels Deconstructed [Infographic]

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02/04/2014 • Why do you like fantasy? As a fantasy-addict, I've had to answer this question many times to my father, middle

What’s Killing You? [infographic]

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01/25/2014 • I love horror movies. My first encounter with a horror movie was when I was only a kid of about

Top Grossing Foreign Films of All Time [infographic]

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01/03/2014 • In the mood for a movie? But not necessarily with an English speaker's perspective? Check out today's infographic on the