Super Mario Flower Power [Infographic]

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05/11/2014 • If there's one thing in this world that will appease the inner-child in me, it's the Super Mario video game

Flappy Bird: A Legend In Its Own Time [Infographic]

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03/05/2014 • I love video games, everyone loves video games. If you don't love video games, you're a loser. It's very simple.

Beer Pong [infographic]

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02/07/2014 • I just played a game of war and mental violence. Beer pong. I didn't give a shit from the beginning,

Rubik’s Cube (solved in 20 moves or less) [infographic]

11/21/2013  |  1 Comment

11/21/2013 • I remember getting a rubik's cube for my twelfth birthday. I wanted one SO badly, so you could imagine my

The Big Showdown [Infographic]

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11/11/2013 • The new generation of gaming consoles is getting closer with each passing day (PS4 - November 15th, Xbox One -