What to Do if You get Ebola [infographic]

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10/26/2014 • This Ebola thing is out of control - and by out of control I mean the fear mongering is. Ebola

The Logistics of Voting [infographic]

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10/08/2014 • There is more to voting than simply going to a polling place and casting your ballot. A lot of planning

Austin Traffic – The Bottom Line [infographic]

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09/20/2014 • Any of you Austinite readers know exactly what this headline is talking about. Austin traffic is the worst. I can't even begin to

Copyright vs “illegal download” [infographic]

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03/25/2014 • So often in college I hear students talking about how they just saw the latest movie or how they are

Is Your State’s Highest Paid Employee A Football Coach? (Probably) [Infographic]

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03/24/2014 • Coming from Texas, I grew up knowing that football was important to a lot of people. Being a musician