The World of Public Health [infographic]

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09/21/2012 • I would like to start off today's post with a fact that caught my eye from the infographic: There were

Americans With Disabilities Act 22nd Anniversary [infographic]

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09/16/2012 • Something you will learn in life is that it’s all about ME! Well, okay, maybe not everything… but the infographic

The Presidential Race & Social Media [infographic]

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06/18/2012 • In the last presidential election President Obama utilized social media better than any president before him, of course social media

The Anatomy of a DUI [infographic]

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05/11/2012 • Drinking and driving has been one of America's top issues in recent years. My generation has been told over and

Breaking The Law [infographic]

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05/09/2012 • Bear wrestling is illegal in Oklahoma. Did you know that? So is not having a well kept lawn in various