Election 2013: How the Pope is Decided

02/22/2013  |  1 Comment

02/22/2013 • With the recent surprising resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, a whole new election process must take place to fill his

Playground to Prison: Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System [infographic]

12/09/2012  |  4 Comments

12/09/2012 • Alright. Time to get serious again. Today’s infographic tells about a topic I have recently been incredibly intrigued by. Juveniles

The Evolution of Equality [infographic]

11/01/2012  |  3 Comments

11/01/2012 • When I voted this past week, I had a weird, emotional realization. I was so moved by the fact I

Money Spent on Healthcare and Disease Eradication [Infographic]

10/29/2012  |  No Comments

10/29/2012 • We, as humans, have done many amazing things throughout our history (many of them within the past few hundred years).

The World of Public Health [infographic]

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09/21/2012 • I would like to start off today's post with a fact that caught my eye from the infographic: There were