How Does HPV Affect me? [infographic]

04/21/2014  |  1 Comment

04/21/2014 • I'm sure you've heard of HPV, short for Human Papillomavirus. You just toss it in the category of STD's and

Secrets Of The World’s Oldest People [Infographic]

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04/16/2014 • What is the key to immortality- is it achievable? This question has been hot on the minds of human-beings for

What Do Your Feet Say About You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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03/21/2014 • Different aspects of life tell different people what their personality is. In a quick online search one can find how

The Most Fabulous Mango Infographic [infographic]

03/20/2014  |  3 Comments

03/20/2014 • I write this infographic as I eat the most delicious mango. For some reason this mango tastes better than all

The Good News About Cancer [Infographic]

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03/19/2014 • Cholera, diarrhea, tuberculosis - some of the most deadly diseases to plague the human race throughout history are all preventable