Top Ten Causes of Death in the United States [infographic]

03/02/2014  |  3 Comments

03/02/2014 • Death is something that we will all face at some point. When we'll have to stare death in the face

How High Heels Hurt Your Body [infographic]

02/25/2014  |  No Comments

02/25/2014 • I remember once in high school, when I was in health class, the teacher mentioned something about high heels eventually

The War On Women’s Bodies [infographic]

02/24/2014  |  2 Comments

02/24/2014 • These statistics are not only heartbreaking but alarming. The big question that comes to mind is - are the fashion

Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee [infographic]

02/18/2014  |  29 Comments

02/18/2014 • Let's just pretend that there aren't already enough not wholly accurate metaphors that describe the college experience and try to

The Science Of Happiness [infographic]

02/15/2014  |  No Comments

02/15/2014 • If you're a human being then your main goal in life is probably to end up happy. Unless you're emo.