12 Common Dream Themes [infographic]

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01/26/2014 • Dreams are a very strange and often powerful phenomena. They can shake you out of your slumber and they can

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation [infographic]

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01/24/2014 • Whenever I am asleep I rarely see little Z's floating above my head, I never dream about being naked at

Mother Nature’s Pop Science Guide to Cycling [infographic]

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01/23/2014 • Biking is pretty much the “in” way to commute, especially here in Austin. I myself am a frequent biker and

Cigarette Smoking Is Going Up On A Global Scale [Infographic]

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01/20/2014 • Smoking has been cool for a long time. From the earliest days of advertisement, cigarettes were the ultimate indicator

The Benefits of Massage [infographic]

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01/16/2014 • I’m sure almost everyone has experienced a muscle knot sometime in their life. If you’ve never had one, consider yourself