High-Heel Hazards [infographic]

04/11/2013  |  1 Comment

04/11/2013 • I'm a pretty small woman, I only measure in at 5'2, and that's on a good day. Most days I

Feel The Burn: A Caloric Breakdown [infographic]

03/29/2013  |  1 Comment

03/29/2013 • Oh God, I have some bad news. My diet of dark chocolate and cashews carries more calories than fried chicken.

How to Properly Use a Foam Roller [infographic]

02/28/2013  |  3 Comments

02/28/2013 • Hopefully you've started incorporating interval training into your workouts after my post last week. If you did, then your probably experiencing some extreme soreness in your

Sleepless in America [infographic]

02/26/2013  |  1 Comment

02/26/2013 • Sleepless in America. How many of you would say that you get enough sleep? A solid eight hours,

Interval Training [infographic]

02/21/2013  |  No Comments

02/21/2013 • Interval training, I love to hate it. There is no better way to see results than using this method. You'll scorch fat