Why Short-Term Health Insurance Might Be Your Best Option [infographic]

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07/14/2014 • I am a young adult and soon to be health insurance holder. I've always relied on my parents' health insurance

Is Volunteering Good For Your Health? [infographic]

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07/13/2014 • It is very easy to get caught up in your own mess that you forget there are bigger things happening

Personal Trainer Salary [Infographic]

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07/09/2014 • Everyone wants a steady income. Almost everyone wants to be healthy and look good. Have you ever thought of combining

When are Vegetables in Season? [infographic]

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07/08/2014 • I've always wanted to grow a garden. Unfortunately, school, work, laziness, etc. have prevented me from doing this. Also, I

Find Your Path to Fitness [infographic]

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06/28/2014 • Working out is something that can be fun, motivating, and challenging. The challenge part is what gets people going. So