AP Sex Ed [infographic]

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06/23/2014 • Okay, so maybe you're thinking "Seriously, why am I looking at this?". Maybe you might know where the clitoris is,

The A-Zzz’s Sleep Guide to Wellness [infographic]

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06/22/2014 • Unfortunately, I am part of the diverse group of people that has a difficult time¬†sleeping. I usually head to bed

Electroshock Therapy and the Other Ways we Treat Mental Illness [infographic]

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06/15/2014 • Alright let's see here - we've got leeches, holes getting drilled into skulls, people just getting legitimately tortured, and those

Do You Juice? [infographic]

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06/06/2014 • Anyone who knows me is aware of my partial obsession with fitness and health. I'm always on a new diet,

10 Steps For A Successful Liposuction [Infographic]

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06/04/2014 • A few years back, I saw and episode of MTV's True Life. This particular episode was about liposuction. I'll admit