Around the World: Strange Traffic Laws [infographic]

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01/29/2015 • Laws act as an interesting mediator between society, government and safety precautions. For example, they tell people what is and is

Midlife Crisis and Worst College Degrees [infographic]

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01/27/2015 • I just hit a milestone: a midlife crisis. I thought I took steps to prevent a midlife crisis, but here

The Hair of Men: What Hairstyle is Best for You [infographic]

01/22/2015  |  1 Comment

01/22/2015 • The barber was my dreaded enemy as a child. For some reason I thought I looked incredibly stupid with short

Food Pyramids for Runners [infographic]

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01/17/2015 • Running takes strength, endurance, passion and most importantly, commitment. While consistent runners strongly exhibit these characteristics, runners more often than

The True Cost of Comic Sans [infographic]

01/14/2015  |  4 Comments

01/14/2015 • Comic Sans has long been the punching bag of the typography world. It's goofy, childish looking, and has one downfall illuminated in