Top 10 Reasons To Legalize Marijuana [infographic]

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01/07/2015 • I can almost feel you rolling your eyes at me. And trust me, I completely understand. The thing I hate

10 Amazing Hair Facts [infographic]

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01/02/2015 • I've always wondered when hair became something so associated with beauty. At what point in human history did someone start

The Writing Process [infographic]

12/30/2014  |  3 Comments

12/30/2014 • Writing is an essential part of our lives. It is how we communicate with other people. We write for school,

Inside The Mind of a Freelancer [infographic]

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12/29/2014 • Freelancing is a growing occupation in all developed countries right now. Emerging tech companies, online journals, social media marketing and

Why Exercise Makes You Happy [infographic]

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12/16/2014 • We've all heard it before: exercising makes you a happier person. But did you know, as little as 20 minutes