What You Need to Live Off the Land [infographic]

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08/19/2011 • This summer I started to rent a place down in Texas that is somewhat in the country. I have around

Streaming killed the video star [infographic]

08/16/2011  |  4 Comments

08/16/2011 • This might be the most amazing infographic title yet. I just had to feature it the minute I read

Improve Attractiveness with Body Language [infographic]

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08/10/2011 • Actions speak louder than words… no really. According to today’s infographic from 100 Best Dating Sites, this adage is especially

Going to the Chapel [infographic]

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08/09/2011 • I write this post from Omaha, Nebraska. We went north to the mid west to see my lovely cousin

The Modern Relationship [infographic]

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07/26/2011 • These days, interracial marriage is definitely a norm. Many of my friends, roommates, professors, co-workers are the product of