William Shakespeare in Statistics [infographic]

10/02/2014  |  1 Comment

10/02/2014 • William Shakespeare, as I'm sure you all know (because if you don't, you need to climb out from under whatever

How to Become a Pirate for Dummies [infographic]

09/06/2014  |  4 Comments

09/06/2014 • Ever wished you were Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean? Or wished you could scream at the top of

SWEEPSTAKES: Life Hacks Infographic Poster Giveaway

08/22/2014  |  1 Comment

08/22/2014 • We are giving away this infographic poster (pictured below) from Kickstarter: Life Hacks & Guides by Alexander Croft! Simply Like

Where Are People Most Honest? [infographic]

08/19/2014  |  2 Comments

08/19/2014 • Did you know Hawaiians from Honolulu are some of the most honest people in the nation? Not to say that

Evolution: Life On Earth Is One Big Extended Family [infographic]

08/18/2014  |  7 Comments

08/18/2014 • I am a firm supporter of the theory of evolution. I was recently engaged in an argument in which the