Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee [infographic]

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03/13/2014 • Its funny, I've never been a fan of coffee. Despite the cringe worthy amounts of sugar and creamer add, the

Frankenstein’s Insurance Policy [infographic]

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03/07/2014 • Soon, science could potentially have the power to control exactly what a baby will grow up to look like. They

The Numbers Behind Pornography [infographic]

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02/22/2014 • Hi, Internet. Or rather, greetings, filthy facet for flesh flashing fetishes. And I say that because 43% of the time,

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers [infographic]

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02/14/2014 • It’s finally here, the one and ONLY day that you can tell whoever you love, that you love them. Back

15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex [infographic]

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02/08/2014 • When a man loves a woman they have sex. Simple as that. Let's look at some sexy facts. 56% of men