How Much Artists Earn Online [infographic]

08/20/2013  |  32 Comments

08/20/2013 • Times are strange for being a musician. Then again, times are always strange for musicians. Record labels are

Mood & Music [infographic]

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08/18/2013 • Musical preference is unique to the listener. There are so many different cultures and personalities--which makes it quite difficult to

The Psychology of Music [infographic]

07/23/2013  |  1 Comment

07/23/2013 • Did you know that music originates as vibrations, which form sound waves as they propagate through the ear? That's certainly

Daily Music Horoscope [Infographic]

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07/13/2013 • Whether you are a struggling musician trying to make it in the music business, or if you are a tenure-paid

Please Please Buy Me: 50 Years of Beatles Albums [infographic]

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06/09/2013 • I have a confession to make. I am a beatlemaniac. Urban Dictionary defines a beatlemaniac as "one who has an