What Happens to Your Digital Life When You Die? [Video Infographic]

02/10/2012  |  4 Comments

02/10/2012 • Imagine if one of your best friends kept a trunk of of their personality... Their likes, dislikes, photos, home videos,

What Makes Social Games So Popular [infographic]

02/06/2012  |  1 Comment

02/06/2012 • I'm only 21 but at the rate technology moves these days I am old enough to say "I remember when

Pinterest [infographic]

01/30/2012  |  3 Comments

01/30/2012 • Were you thinking to yourself "I could really use another social media site"? Well you came to the right place

Ten Types of Facebook Friends [infographic]

12/31/2011  |  No Comments

12/31/2011 • Having traveled across state lines for the holidays, I had a lot of time to catch up with my mom.

Map of Online Communities [infographic]

12/14/2011  |  4 Comments

12/14/2011 • Unlike many of my generation, I reluctantly signed up for a Facebook account in my first year of college. Everyone