Airport Taxi Fares in the World’s Busiest Cities [infographic]

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07/16/2014 • Maybe I'm just exaggerating, but it seems like almost everyone I know has been traveling the world recently. I've seen

Choose Your Own Mediterranean Adventure [infographic]

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07/02/2014 • Everyone loves traveling. Anyone who says that they don't is just too scared. Almost everyone loves to relax, see new

How to Survive the 2014 FIFA World Cup [infographic]

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06/30/2014 • FIFA fever is strong here in Austin, Texas - blaring on almost every functioning television. Heck, we have it playing

In-Flight WiFi Prices [infographic]

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06/11/2014 • If you haven't been on a plane within the last decade, then you're missing out. Not only have you not

Star Wars Travel Guide [Infographic]

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06/05/2014 • Everyone knows that Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, but George Lucas