The Craziest Country in the World [infographic]

10/30/2011  |  3 Comments

10/30/2011 • Hey guys, I'm a new writer here! I'm pretty stoked about it. The name's Julie, and I ain't no foolie,

Dump Your Partner, Save Some Green [infographic]

10/28/2011  |  3 Comments

10/28/2011 • Significant others can be expensive. According to today's infographic, each partner will spend almost $9000 on each other over a

What Happens in Vegas [infographic]

09/09/2011  |  No Comments

09/09/2011 • Stays in... well you know. Ever since The Hangover came out every one of my friends suddenly wants Vegas trip

Youth Movement- Where You Want to Be [infographic]

07/05/2011  |  2 Comments

07/05/2011 • As life keeps flying by, each crossroad brings new opportunities. With college graduation coming up, I can't help but

How to Avoid Large Phone Bills When Travelling [infographic]

07/01/2011  |  2 Comments

07/01/2011 • The pain of unexpected phone bills seems to have happened to everyone. Whether it be your kid texting too much,