Cinco de Mayo VS St. Patrick’s Day [infographic]

May 5, 2014 |  by  |  Holiday

I feel like St. Patty’s gets a lot more national media coverage every year than Cinco de Mayo, but being from Texas, Cinco is a much more prominent holiday. Every restaurant, bar and green-space turns into a fiesta of fun. At least here in Austin, Tx, St. Patrick’s falls the day after we end our 11 day South by Southwest Festival. Almost no one has the urge or energy to celebrate the most recognized patron saint of Ireland. I know I stayed in and nursed my hangover with an entire day of Netflix.

Your preference on which holiday is better is probably related to your geographic location, just like me. (Cleveland even dyes their river green and throws a massive parade.) I may be biased, but the reasons why these holidays are around is also an important talking point. Mexican culture celebrates an amazing triumph over the French, Ireland used to treat St. Patrick’s death as a more solemn occasion with most shops and bars closing for the day. Only in the last few decades have they started with festivities for mostly tourist reasons. Sorry, I like my holidays to have cultural meaning! And don’t forget, Mexican food beats lamb stew and soda bread any day. [MuchoBurrito]


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  • Pogue

    I believe Benicio del Toro is Puerto Rican. :/

  • Don Caries

    Enrique Iglesias born in Spain.

  • irishmexi

    this is just blatant racism. Benicio is Puerto Rican, Enrique is Spanish, and this isn’t the entire country that fought the french, it was one battle, in the city of Puebla that overtook the French army, and hardly anyone outside of Puebla in Mexico actually cares about Cinco de Mayo unlike St. Patrick’s day in Ireland.
    Gross infographic.

  • Julia

    St. Patrick and the invasion of the Church killed off the Druidic traditions in Ireland, so not everyone sees that as a positive force in history. Both of these holidays are U.S.-created brouhahas — promoted for commercial reasons — and have little to do with the cultures they profess to celebrate. The symbols used here are stereotypical and except for a kernel of truth here and there, have more to do with marketing themes than they do with history or culture. Sorry — nice infographic if there had been more research and awareness, and accurate information.

  • Chris

    Thank y’all for pointing out the fact that both Benicio, Puerto Rican, and Enrique, Spanish, are not Mexican. Whoever thought it was okay to pick those two must not fully understand what being Mexican means. It’s mean born of Mexican decent not just spanish speaking decent. I do find it rather bothersome as a fellow Texan and husband to a Mexican woman that we just lump all spanish speakers into one group when they all have such different customs and traditions. Being of Irish decent myself we always celebrated Saint Patty’s day, but like the author said, being in Texas we always celebrated Cinco de Mayo. There is a big misconception with a lot of people that believe it is Mexican Independence Day, really it’s September 16th. Both of these are a bigger deal here in the states then they are in their countries of origin because it’s a way for the capitalist country we are to make extra money by blowing up the importance of these days and encouraging us to drink and buy decorations and such. Believe me I love a good beer, whether it be Guiness or Dos Equis. My personal favorite Mexican beer is Modelo Negra or Modelo Especial depending on whether I want a more traditional beer or a dark beer. I think daily infographic needs to be more careful with these generalizations that because a person is Hispanic it means they are automatically Mexican. This however is a problem here in Texas in particular and is something we can all strive to better understand and learn how much different some of the countries really are.

    • Gabriel DelaRosa

      I agree and I think they need to Separate Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Dominicans into their own Category as Caribbean to avoid confusion. Almost everyone I know calls Puerto ricans, Dominicans and Cubans as Caribbean people already so I don’t know why the Census and Educations system don’t follow suit. They should have Caribbean education of these islands. Especially since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. Puerto Ricans get mad when you call them Mexican. It is time they just got put in a new category and people got educated.

      The Spanish already moved to Iberian and no longer use Hispanic.

  • rolaz

    jessica alba, los lobos, and the movie el mariachi are from california, USA!

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  • Orlando Girl

    Both Cinco de mayo and St Patty’s day are huge party days in orlando fl