College Student Time Consumption [infographic]

September 27, 2010 |  by  |  Education

I have to disagree with this infographic on some points. I think a lot of y’all might disagree. No one I know gets their full 8 hours of sleep in college.

If you’re getting 8 hours in college, you must be one of those non-Facebook people who spend 11-15 hours studying every week. I don’t understand how the infographic makers found the correlation between Facebook and study time. I’ve met 1 person in college who doesn’t have a Facebook page, and they don’t study for more than 10 hours a week. I also know plenty of people with Facebook who do study that much.

Facebook isn’t even that hard to stop using excessively. Go on for ten minutes, check your notifications, messages and events. Make sure that it isn’t anyone’s birthday. Respond to your notifications, check to see if anyone cool is on chat, try to talk to them, but they sign off right when you hit send. Creep for a few more minutes then leave. That will really only take like 10 minutes. Sure, I’ll do that 3 to 4 times a day, but I don’t know how that Facebook time would allot to a study time of over 10 hours.

I also don’t understand the comparison between the high school student and college student. In high school I groomed, ate, drank and traveled, but they grouped those into an ‘other’ category. I had a 20 minute drive to school in high school, yet now I have a 5 minute walk. The education time I do agree with. I have maybe a little over 3 hours of class time a day, add on an hour or two of studying and I’m still not close to the 7 hours of school we had in high school, not including homework. [Via]


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  • Jay

    Facbook time = Farmville

  • Jack Wagon

    Doesn’t time spent sleeping overlap with time spent in class?

  • Anonymous

    I wish I was 20,000 in debt to school loans. If I could do it over (I was only 17, what did I really know about it?) I would go to a public institution – they are just as good as private!

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  • BAMF

    This is based off spoiled dorm kids. I work 40 hours a week and am a full time university student. Did I mention I work the night shift? 6 hours of sleep at the most!

    Haha, but it’s all good. I get to live on my own and don’t have to eat Ramen everyday.

    @kaegurl85 yeah I will be graduating w/ 16,000 total. not too bad for a bachelors? but I’m going to a state school.

    • Hi

      You’re so proud of yourself, try to not sound like such a dick though.

  • Megan Arnet

    What college kid sleeps 8 hours?