Cost Of Owning A Pet [Infographic]

May 18, 2014 |  by  |  Animals, Lifestyle

22 years old, and college graduation approaches. I can’t think of a more perfect graduation present to myself than a dog. I have a job lined up, a house with a yard- why not?

Well this infographic might make me think twice. It outlines the first year cost of dogs and cats (I’m not a cat person, so personally I’ll be disregarding that but it’s useful info for you cat people).

My first instinct told me that food would probably be the biggest cost. Not quite. Health insurance and reoccurring health related expenses together cost nearly four times the $120 it takes on average to feed a dog for a year. The numbers for cats are significantly lower than that- but it still costs quite a bit more to keep a cat healthy for a year than it does to feed it.

Remember Bob Barker, “Get your pets spayed or neutered!”- that’s good and all, but he never mentioned how much that costs: $200 for a dog and $145 for a cat. I guess that’s s small price to pay to avoid running a puppy mill and or kitten haven, but that’s definitely not chunk change.

Looks like getting a dog might cost a little bit more than I thought- this infographic estimates that it would cost about $1,500 in the first year. Yikes. Good thing I got that job. It’s less than that for a cat- $1,035, but cats are nowhere near as cool as dogs (sorry!). When was the last time you saw a cat fetch? Anyway- if any of you out there are thinking of acquiring a pet, take a look at this infographic first and make sure you can afford it, otherwise you’ll be eating ramen every night to make sure you can feed that furry friend. [Via]



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  • Helen

    This is insanely low, even for a small dog. I hope no one reading this is persuaded to take on a pet based on these numbers, they’re in for a shock…

  • Carma Poodale Allen

    We pay $97 for a yearly checkup with vaccines. That is the booster, Rabies vaccine, Lepto, worm test, hw test, and office visit. Spay or neuter is $35 for cats and $92 for dogs that includes rabies vaccine at our humane society s/n clinic once a month. We go once a year to the vet because we really are never sick or need any meds. Jenny sue our spaniel goes 2 times a year but that is because she is a senior dog who takes seizure preventative meds so she has blood work done and her cost is $150 a year. I really think it depends on where you live and what your cost is. Even feeding a $30 bag of food that last 2 weeks is $60 X 12. As for the toys some parents go overboard but find that most of those toys sit in a toy box and never get played with so we learned to make some toys at home.We don’t need $100 collars or leashes but can find a very nice one on sale for around $15 -$20. There are many ways to help with the cost of a pet like Coupons, sales, etc.

  • Joanne

    Zero mention of the cost of a board facility or pet sitter/dog walker. How about replacing furniture/household items that are destroyed?