Does Music Make You Smarter? [infographic]

December 6, 2012 |  by  |  Education, Music

Does music really make you smarter? I personally think so. Some of the smartest people I know are music majors. Music requires not only the creativity and maturity to make it beautiful, it also requires some decent knowledge in math as well. Music involves counting beats and measures, and within that, sub-dividing those beats, like fractions. You must multitask between reading/playing the music, and looking at the conductor from time to time. It is all a very complex process that stimulates different parts of the brain at the same time. Perhaps that is why musicians are “smarter” than the average person. [via]

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  • Susie Watts

    As a classical music lover myself, I always tell my own children and students I work with that listening to classical music will make them smarter. Here’s the proof.

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  • Carina Kay Montgomery

    I have a child who was born with a congenital brain disorder called Bi-lateral Schizencephaly with that secondary is Cerebral Palsy and many other conditions that basically just tag along. I can name them is you want them let me know otherwise too many to name. My question is are there any articles that you know of that include learning with disabilities or disorders and music? I would love to see them. What one of the diagnosis of this disorder is developemental delays. My son is 15 sometimes thinks like he’s 5 other times 15 but in five seconds be 5 again. Depends on environment, if he’s comfortable things like that. Oh music and epilepsy. Would be interesting.