Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll! [infographic]

August 8, 2011 |  by  |  Mind-Blowing

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. I’m just sitting hur writtin bout dem bills. Those bills that are destroying our economy. Money has been at the top of everyone’s concerns lately. Whether it be a parent struggling to pay their child’s tuition or our government struggling to pay debt. America’s financial situation and for that matter the world’s is not looking good. We seem to be in a state where we are going to be getting worse before getting better.

Evidenced by our recent debt ceiling crisis, admittedly I am no expert on it, but I do know that our politicians were childish in their actions. All in all we managed to put off disaster for another couple years without finding a fix. Sure, we’re cutting spending, but we are not increasing revenue, it’s ridiculous. While I am a fan of the government and the constitution the way it’s being run right now is horrific, and not the way it was intended to be run. No matter your allegiance, I think we can agree that politicians today do not seem to have the greater good in mind.

Sorry to have gone off on that rant. Today’s infographic outlines all the details of the dollar bill, from the little spider above the one to all the instances of 13. [via]

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The Dollar

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