Dump Your Partner, Save Some Green [infographic]

October 28, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Travel

Significant others can be expensive. According to today’s infographic, each partner will spend almost $9000 on each other over a year. Stay single for a few years and you could buy a brad new car. If the couple vowed to never go out to eat, never call each other, live together and spend absolutely nothing on entertainment, they could rake in $18000 with the downside of a somewhat boring year.

Imagine the badass vacation you could take for 18000 bucks. What about flying to Vegas and putting it all on red. How horrible it’d feel to go a year without buying anything and loose all of your savings, but the payoff could be huge. You couples out there should seriously consider this option. [drop down deals]

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  • Joejoe

    What an awful, sad IG.   What about the extra years of productive life (and earnings)
    a significant other means?   What about the shared meals and housing?
    Bigger, cheaper food purchases.  She likes wearing my t-shirts to bed: boom!
    cost saving!

  • Matt Soave

    What a joke.  Monthly gifts totaling $305?  $358 spent monthly on date nights?  And you don’t need a phone plan unless you’re in a relationship?  Embarrassing that this “info”graphic made it on this site.

  • Carly

    Inaccurate AND sexist! Double whammy!