Free Shipping? [infographic]

September 28, 2010 |  by  |  eCommerce

Today’s infographic is on shipping. Like shipping costs and Co2 emissions and whatnot. I’m not too interested in shipping, but maybe one of y’all are really into it and think it is the bomb. If so, here you go! [Via]


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  • shipwire

    Wow. This is a really fantastic dailyinfographic. Really nails down some of drivers around Shipping.

    If this graphic had taken the timeline for the shipping cost comparison back more years, you would have seen that the carriers have raised rates every year in recent memory. It’s called the General Rate Increase (GRI).

    For business that want to CUT SHIPPING costs there is an alternative Model!

    Move your products closer to buyers by storing the products on the East and West Coast of the U.S. And storing your best movers overseas. This is how multi-national companies enter new markets.

    If you are ready; then give us a call.

    Thanks for posting the awesome graphic. Retweet!