The Hidden Costs of College [infographic]

March 25, 2011 |  by  |  Education

I go to college, it costs money and I’m not happy about it. What costs more money are parking tickets. I got a few in the last couple of days and of course I went to dispute them. I got one ticket for parking in a visitor’s spot and one for parking in my designated parking area, just not designated during the time I was parked there. I asked the parking officer: “So a visitor spot is not for a visitor to park in for 10 minutes while they find out where long-term parking is?” His response? “No.”

I still don’t know who can use a vistor spot, but I did learn that I couldn’t use my green parking permit in the green parking lot my car was parked in, at least not during any time. Immediately after this sad news, I headed straight to move my car and I find another parking ticket. This one dated only 20 minutes earlier. (By the way I have parked in this lot for 3 months without incident) Moral of the story: Don’t park anywhere on Texas State’s campus, even if you think you’ve read the signs and bought the permits.

Normally on a day like today when it is the 63rd anniversary of the first successful tornado prediction, I would post an infographic like this. Because I don’t have much to say about tornados and of my unfortunate day, you get to hear me complain about parking tickets and all the other hidden costs of college. [Via]

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  • Anonymous

    That’s about right….pretty expensive, especially when you’re a “poor” college student not working….and I went to college 20 years ago!

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  • Eddie Pradel

    Best time to save is as soon as your baby is born. I opened a GradSave account for my daughter and linked it to a 529 savings. Best idea ever!

  • yeah_right

    What kind of college student has $4,000 for entertainment??

  • Laur

    Most, if not all, of these are things that us college kids shouldn’t be wasting money on until we actually have a salary. $4000 a year on entertainment? $2600 on alcohol? You’ve got to be kidding. On all these ‘incidentals’ I probably sent about 1000 TOTAL (gas, food, lab fees, books) last year as a freshmen. And I had a good time too. Let’s use some common sense, my friends

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