How Music Taste is Inherited [infographic]

June 28, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle

As people grow into their refined music tastes, moving from top 40 hits to alternative rock stations and beyond, one might wonder how they formed their preferences. Maybe your parents blasting old records had more of an influence than you once thought. Because STYX, Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd aren’t included, my music taste is untraceable, but maybe this infographic will ring true to you. [Via]


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  • Tatiana

    Not even close!

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  • alex

    My dad listened to Pink Floyd…your move infographic.

  • val

    Accurate, except it’s not my dad, but my mom

  • Croger49

    my dad listened to country………soooo.

  • b the mermaid

    cake, new order, 90′s rock, lots of cursing. my mom went more aucoustic. i’m into alternative and indie rock. some songs still remind me of riding in the car with my dad, all the windows down, my hair blowing everywhere, him trying to mumble the lyrics. big influence.

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  • Misty Jean Moore

    My dad is Nigerian, so……
    I listen to folk, folk-rock, indie pop, and “some” R&B (preferably alternative). I used to be a heavy R&B listener back in middle and high school, but it’s so Top 40 for my taste now.

  • Pandainu

    I like A-Punk by Vampire Weekend, but other than that, chart fail. xD

  • Abcdd

    HAHAHAH this worked