How To Sell Without Selling [infographic]

May 12, 2014 |  by  |  Business

Don’t overlook this one just because you’re not a salesman. Of course any type of business major should know these things, but unless you’re living in a straw hut on a remote island then you have something to gain from these statistics.

There’s been a recent trend where publications think that good journalism is using blanket generalizations to take shots at millennials. I’m not trying to dig that same hole because I honestly don’t have enough arrogance to fill it. I will say however that I am very certain that if there’s one thing that sets Generation Y apart from the rest, it’s their exposure to advertising. Your typical 20-year-old can smell a conventional sales pitch from a mile away and companies have been perpetually changing the way they market their product to combat this increase in buyer awareness.

Advertising will continue to get slicker, smarter, and more subtle. It’s your responsibility as a consumer to pay attention to the trends so that you don’t get suckered into buying a blender that can only make salad dressing, complete with a promotional set of priceless bicentennial silver coins cast with a brilliant side profile of Keanu Reeves’ face. To end on a serious note here, if you come across any coins like the ones previously described please shoot me an email because I would happily buy two blenders if it means I could just touch such a beautiful piece of legal US tender.



^that is the image^

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