humans vs animals
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  • Hainezee

    Silly title – “Humans vs. Animals”, we ARE animals. Duh!!!

  • Ronan McDonnell

    I love the “Lifespam” in sidebar.
    Great graphic nonetheless.

  • Kitdawg

    Human vs. animal is completely incorrect: HUMANS ARE ANIMALS.

  • Sua mãe aquela quenga

    Humans are so special huuuur. Humans are not even a big deal, there are many animals much better than humans. Giraffes for example are amazingly peacefull and happy, humans are depressed and they love killing an absurd number of humans and animals.

    • Ivana Mladenova

      So you are depressed and you love killing humans and animals?

  • Patrick Byrd

    I’d like to see some data on long distance running by horses or canids if trained. About the only difference I can see is they wouldn’t see the point (unless a horse was made to run that far by a person.) Does taunting really indicate a sense of humor? A nice corollary infographic would be do we have a monopoly on evil. Dolphins rape and kill for fun, ants have slaves etc…

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